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Poetic Consolations is now available for purchase for $7.00. Purchase your copy by going to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or my Createspace Estore.  More purchasing channels will be available.  Autographed copies will also be available soon.

Have you began planning your VBS curriculum for 2017? Biblical ABC Learning will be a great addition to add to Vacation Bible School.  Biblical ABC Learning enables alphabet and Bible learning together.  Children will learn the alphabet and about the Bible together.  Biblical ABC Learning is a good learning enhancer for children that have surpassed the alphabet learning phase.  The goal for Biblical ABC Learning remains the same, to reach and encourage as many children as possible to begin learning about the Word of God.

Presently, Biblical ABC Learning can be purchased at an amazing discounted price, ONLY through me, the author.  Biblical ABC Learning can be purchased for only $5.00, including charges for shipping when applicable.  This offer will only be for a limited time.  Biblical ABC Learning remains available through online bookstores at the regular price of $15.00.  I will post the end date for this amazing, discounted offer Monday, June 19, 2017.  All purchases made after the end date will be the regular price of $15.00.  Contact me via email at majesticlioness78@gmail.com for additional inquiries or to place an order and receive your PayPal invoice to make your payment.

Also available for Kindle through amazon.com ONLY.

Visit my online craft shop at http://www.dandiicraftcreations.etsy.com today to purchase a variety handmade plastic canvas crafts.  No two crafts are the same color, unless they are in multiples. Multiples will only be a minimum of two crafts to a maximum of five.  Items that are grouped in multiples cannot be separated. New crafts will be added periodically.

Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind and Soul will intrigue, entertain, enlighten and encompass the reader with poetic words and stanzas of delight.  Poetic Compilations is available through amazon, books-a-million, Barnes and Noble, my Createspace Estore and other online bookstore retailers.  Also, available for Kindle through Amazon ONLY.

Do you enjoy scented candles?  Visit http://www.poeticsoulinc.com to purchase my new gel wax candle, “The Lioness.”  The Lioness is a perfected blend of peppermint and lavender essential oils, to give a nice Roaring Scentsation in your home, office or both.  The Lioness will also make a nice gift to friends, family or even co-workers.  The Lioness was created by Dee D. Wright, the owner of Poetic Soul Inc.  Visit her website today.

Download your FREE ebook of When Queens Speak, an anthology of dope female poets.  Each Queen speaks her mind, her way.  Go to http://www.smashwords.com to download your copy today.  Did I already say it was FREE?  Just in case, this anthology of amazing Queens is FREE!

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