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Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening!  It has been a while since I have given an update on my site.  Things have been hectic and constantly busy with progression.  The only way to Keep It Roaring is to keep progressing and keep pushing.

My Etsy Craft Shop is no longer available.  I closed this shop because my handmade crafts are now available for purchase on my new online website.

Now available to visit, browse and purchase is my new Dandii Online Shopping Site.  My publications (paperback), handmade crafts, signature gel wax candle and more are available for purchase.  For customers ordering books, if you would like your book autographed, please leave the request in the comment/memo/notes section at checkout.  Visit http://www.dandiilion.com today and Shop Dandii!  Credit cards and PayPal are accepted.  Shipping is also available outside the United States to the following: Canada, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom

Coming 2017, my first erotic poetry compilation, Lustful Pleasures.  Raw, uncut and explicitly Roaring poetry giving you the vision of pleasure through poetic words.  It’s temptation, erotic fantasy and lust together to give infectious pleasure through erotic, poetic words.

Biblical ABC Learning and Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind and Soul are both available for Kindle readers on amazon.com.  Presently, Poetic Consolations is available in paperback format, however it will be available for Kindle readers soon.  Once it becomes available, I will post the update to my website and social media.

Continue to visit and follow my website and social media for updates and more!  Visit my online Dandii Shop today and Shop Dandii!

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The Lioness, created by Dee D. Wright, the Queen(owner) of Poetic Soul Inc.


Enjoy these excerpts from Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind and Soul.

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