RDQ (Roaring Dandii Quotes): They may say you are moving too fast.  Be sure to tell them not to blink! ~ Dandii_Lion ~ Do not allow yourself to be deterred from your goals, journey and strengths because of naysayers.  There will always be people that want to see you fail, however your trust in God and drive to succeed should be stronger than those wanting failure to fall upon you.  Always KEEP ROARING!

“Poetic Compilations of the Heart Mind and Soul” will be released Fall 2016!  As preparations for the release progress, my excitement grows!  This three-part compilation will be a ROARING addition to reading lists and poetry lovers!

Biblical ABC Learning is now available for eBook readers!  Go to amazon.com to purchase and download your kindle copy for $2.99!  Biblical ABC Learning is also available in paperback on amazon and several other online bookstores.  To receive an autographed copy, send an email to majesticlioness78@gmail.com using “Autograph Copy” as the subject.  Be sure to include your name and correct mailing address.

A little glimpse into the ROARING future!  Children’s books and poetry compilations are not the only genres I will be publishing.  “A Single Mother’s Diary,” will be my first urban fiction series.  This fictional series will get personal into the diaries of single mothers and the lives they lead.  Not every single mother chooses the straight path and even a straight path may have a surprise curve or two…or three!  The estimated year of release for the first diary is 2018-2019.  Is that a long wait?  You’re freaking right it is!  Will the wait be worth it?  You’re freaking right it will!  Although, “estimate” is the key word…anything can happen!

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