Good Morning to my ROARING PRIDE in “Dandii_Lion’s Den!” Great News!  Biblical ABC Learning is now available for eBook readers!  Readers now have the option of purchasing the paperback or eBook of Biblical ABC Learning!  Visit http://www.amazon.com to purchase your eBook.  You can visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million and several other online bookstores to purchase your paperback (print) copy of Biblical ABC Learning.  Biblical ABC Learning tees are always available for ordering.  The design choices and prices are listed on my website!

More great news!  “Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind and Soul” will be released Fall 2016!  This three-part compilation will tease and please your heart, intrigue your mind and uplift your soul!  For all of you Kings and Queens (lions and lionesses), the Leos of world, of course there are ROARING poetic stanzas in the compilation for the Kings and Queens!

Special thanks again to my cover designer, Kenny, of Black Encryption Designs for his excellent skills of cover creation!  I was oblivious as to how I wanted my cover designed.  Kenny let his creativity flow and I received and AMAZING COVER!!  Black Encryption Designs offers a variety of services! Visit http://www.theblackdistrict.com to check out more of the skills and professional services offered!

Also, special thanks to my illustrator, Alicia, of Art by AmW.  Again, I had no idea of what type of illustrations I wanted in my book to compliment each letter.  Alicia let her creativity flow and I received a BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED CHILDREN’S BOOK!  Art by AmW offers a variety of services!  Alicia is a self-taught artist with multiple creative abilities!  Visit http://www.artbyamw.com to check out more of the skills and services offered!

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