Today marks the two month release of Biblical ABC Learning!  I am more excited today than I was two months ago!  Why?  It’s a Blessing that children are learning about the Word of God as they learn the alphabet!  It is Blessing that adolescents and young adults are learning from the Biblical aspect of Biblical ABC Learning!  To hear of how kids and parents are enjoying the benefits of learning Biblical ABC Learning offers only motivates me more towards finishing the second volume, Biblical ABC Learning 2!  Yes, there will be another Biblical ABC Learning publication and each Biblical term will be different from the Biblical terms of volume one.  There is always something more to learn about the Bible.  The sooner kids begin learning about the Bible, the sooner they can begin having an understanding of the Word of God.  The sooner kids begin having an understanding of the Word of God, the better decisions they will be able to make as they get older.  Biblical ABC Learning will double the early learning.

Biblical ABC Learning Cover Design By: Kenny Black Visit his website at http://www.theblackdistrict.com.

Biblical ABC Learning Illustrations By: Alicia Walter Visit her website at http://www.artbyamw.com.

Biblical ABC Learning is available through online bookstores or through my eStore by clicking the Createspace link https://www.createspace.com/6193677

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