I am excited to announce that my next book release will be this year 2016!  My next publication is entitled, “POETIC COMPILATIONS OF THE HEART MIND AND SOUL.”  This three-section poetry compilation will intrigue, touch and excite the heart, mind and soul!  A specific release date has not been determined, as my concentration remains on my first publication entitled, “BIBLICAL ABC LEARNING!”  Though a release date is not set, the publication wheels will be in motion to prepare! POETIC COMPILATIONS OF THE HEART MIND AND SOUL WILL BE RELEASED 2016!

My excitement remains continuous for the progress and feedback on Biblical ABC Learning!  It feels good to know that children are enjoying all of the great aspects of learning the alphabet and about the Bible together!  It feels good to know that there are adults that are learning something new from the Biblical aspects of Biblical ABC Learning!

Biblical ABC Learning enables children to learn the alphabet and begin learning about various people, places, events and books of the Bible.  Full-color, enlightening illustrations accommodate each letter/word to enhance a child’s visual of what they are learning.  The book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) are included for each letter/word to reference and continue learning.  As a bonus, additional Biblical terms are included to continue learning more about the Word of God.  Illustrations are not included with the additional terms, however the book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) are included to reference and continue learning.  The additional terms include 1-3 words per letter of the alphabet, therefore the alphabet learning continues also!

Biblical ABC Learning tees are still available for ordering.  Tee designs and pricing are posted on my websites.  To place an order, send a request to majesticlioness78@gmail.com using “T-shirt order” as the subject.  Be sure to include the design choice(Design A, Design B, etc.), size(include child/adult for correct ordering) and number of tees.  Once the request has been received, an invoice will be sent.  Be sure to check your invoice to ensure your order is correct before submitting payment.  T-shirt orders remained processed once per week on Fridays.

To purchase your copy of Biblical ABC Learning click the link below or visit Amazon.com!


To receive an autographed copy of Biblical ABC Learning, send a request to majesticlioness78@gmail.com using “Autograph Copy” as the subject.  After receiving the request, an invoice will be emailed for payment submission.  Once the payment is received, your copy will be autographed and shipped.  Please be sure to include your name and mailing address to receive your autographed copy of Biblical ABC Learning.

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