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Biblical ABC Learning will enable children to learn the alphabet and about the Bible together.  Children will learn about various people, places, events, words of praise and books of the Bible.  Each letter/word is accommodated by beautiful illustrations to enhance a child’s visual of what they are learning!  The book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) are included to reference and continue learning more.  As a beneficial bonus, additional Biblical terms are included.  The additional words do not include illustrations, however they do include the book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) to reference and learn more.

Another great bonus, Biblical ABC Learning is also useful to the children that have mastered learning the alphabet.  Children can learn more about the Bible even if they have mastered the alphabet.  By including the reference book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) makes it easy for children to reference, read and learn more about the Word of God.  The illustrations will be enlightening to “alphabet masters,” also!

Biblical ABC Learning will be a great learning experience that children and parents, even the young at heart can enjoy!

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