As the finalizations for Biblical ABC Learning are coming to a close, a concrete release date will be announced this week!  The option to order autographed copies of Biblical ABC Learning will be available.  The instructions to place an order for an autographed copy/copies will be posted later this week as well.  There have been many inquiries about ordering Biblical ABC Learning t-shirts, etc.  Biblical ABC Learning t-shirts will be available for purchase.  T-shirt designs, sizes (adult & child) & pricing will be posted no later than the end of next week, if not sooner.

This will be the final week to participate in the Biblical ABC Learning Contest Giveaway!  Since this is the final week, there will be more than one question posted this week.  The first question will be posted today, as usual.  If the question is answered by the end of the day, another contest question will be posted tomorrow!  If the question is not answered by the end of the day, another contest question will be posted tomorrow and the previous question can still be answered.  Participants can only answer ONE of the eligible questions and the remaining unanswered question will still be available for a chance to win.

The rules for the Contest Giveaway remain the same.  All responses must be submitted to dandiigiveaways@gmail.com for a chance to win.  All answers must be SPELLED CORRECTLY.  And unfortunately, no past winners are eligible to win.

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