**ALERT**Biblical ABC Learning Contest Giveaway!**


The rules are simple, be the first to send the correct response to dandiigiveaways@gmail.com and win a nice Biblical ABC Learning gift!  All questions are Bible related, therefore all the answers are in the Bible.  Please ensure that all answers are spelled correctly, to avoid any misunderstandings.  Correct spelling is very important.  As soon as the correct answer is received, I will contact the winner to receive further details for mailing.  I will also be posting the names of the winners each week.  Unfortunately, participants are only allowed to win once during this Contest Giveaway.

dandiigiveaways@gmail.com is the only method to send responses.  Let’s get this Giveaway started!!


Q. Who were the parents of Moses?


***Remember to email responses to dandiigiveaways@gmail.com***