***ALERT***Biblical ABC Learning Contest Giveaway Update***


The 2016 Spring/Summer Release of Biblical ABC Learning is getting closer!  The Contest Giveaway is even closer! Beginning tomorrow, April 5, 2016, I will post the first contest question of the week!  All of the questions will be Bible related, of course!  So that all participants have a fair chance of winning, you can only win once during this give away.  Therefore, each week there will be a different winner!  You must be following my websites and/or following me on social media to participate.  This is the only way you will know the questions and know where to post/send your answers!

Biblical ABC Learning will enable children to learn the alphabet and learn about the Bible together!  Fun and enlightening illustrations accommodate each letter/word for children to enjoy while learning and reading.  Each word/letter also includes the book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) to reference and for further reading and learning.  Additional words, without illustrations are also included to further Biblical learning!  The additional words also have the book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) to reference and continue learning!  That is a lot of beneficial learning packed inside one book!  It is never too soon to incorporate the Word of God into a child’s learning experience!

I am looking forward to this Contest Giveaway!  Win a nice Biblical ABC Learning gift for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, friend’s child or even yourself, the adult!

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