ALERT: Biblical ABC Learning Update And Giveaway Coming Soon!!


The 2016 Spring/Summer Release of Biblical ABC Learning is getting closer!  A concrete release date will be announced soon!  The support, love and great feedback I have been receiving keeps me elated.  I am going to do a few contest giveaways leading up to the release date!  Though, I have not announced the release date, the giveaways will begin next week!  Which means, the release date announcement is very close!

The contest giveaway rules are simple.  Be the first to answer the question correctly and win a nice Biblical ABC Learning gift for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, little cousin, a friend’s child or even yourself!  When the contest begins next week, I will post one reminder announcement and the next day I will post the question and where to send your answer!  If the question is not answered within one week, it will become void and the next contest giveaway question will be posted!  If the question is answered before the week is up, the next question will not be posted any earlier than the following week.  Unfortunately, you can only win once during this pre-release contest giveaway.  I am looking forward to these giveaways!

Biblical ABC Learning will enable children to learn the alphabet, learn to read and learn about the Bible together!  That is a lot of beneficial learning packed inside one fun and enlightening book!  Children will enjoy beautiful illustrations.  Additional words have been added to further Biblical learning.  In Biblical ABC Learning, the learning does not stop at letter Z! Continue to visit and follow my websites and social media to remain updated with Biblical ABC Learning and more!!

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