The Spring/Summer Release of Biblical ABC Learning Continues To Progress


The 2016 Spring/Summer Release of Biblical ABC Learning is near!  As Biblical ABC Learning continues to move forward, a concrete release date will be announced within the next month.  Biblical ABC Learning will enable children to learn the alphabet and about the Bible together!  Additional words are also included to further expand a child’s Biblical learning!  Each of the 26 letters/words(additional words not included) are accommodated with colorful illustrations for children to enjoy while reading and learning.  Biblical ABC Learning utilizes Biblical terms for alphabet learning to help children learn and become interested in various places, people, events and books of the Bible.  Each letter/word(including additional words) also include the book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) to reference and learn more!  It is never too soon to introduce the Word of God into a child’s learning experience.  Continue to visit & follow my website & social media for updates on the Spring/Summer Release of Biblical ABC Learning and more!

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